Stop saying you’re fat, Mindy.

Okay, I want to talk about something that really bothered me in the first episode of the Mindy Project. Enough that I may or may not watch the show again, even though I really do like Mindy Kaling. 

There were three references in under 30 minutes to Mindy being fat. Now, here’s the thing. Two of those references were by Mindy herself and could be explained by her having her own body issues, especially in trying to live up to her ideal of a rom com heroine. And the other one was from someone obviously trying to get under her skin who likely knew her insecurities. All of these CAN be explained as character choices, fine. But the fact is, THESE CHARACTERS AREN’T REAL, BUT THE WRITERS/DIRECTORS ARE. They made the choice to joke about Mindy’s weight and I’m sick of it. Even if it was Mindy herself who made that choice, I am not okay with it. 

Now obviously, I am not Mindy Kaling’s doctor. I have never seen her on a scale. But from my perspective, she is NOT overweight. She has an average body type. Actually, probably thinner than average. It is perhaps bigger than most hollywood bodies, but, you know, she’s not playing an actor. She’s playing a doctor. Who should know about health. The show tried to play into that by making one of her weight comments be about her BMI. No. Dr. Mindy should know that her BMI is fine. 

But the show seemed to be taking the stance that she has a weight/body issue and that makes her cute and relatable. STOP IT. If someone sees how she looks and relates to seeing that, great, but stop shaming her for it. This is just like in Bridesmaids when the super skinny Kristen Wiig kept implying that Rose Byrne was stealing her friend because she was thinner. 

Stop short-cutting ”relate-able woman” to “thinks she’s fat.” Stop it stop it stop it. It’s damaging culturally and lazy writing to boot. We mostly got over “loves shoes” I think but this worse. Make this Mindy character interesting and special, not just a bunch of things you’ve heard that women do from reading cosmo once but it’s edgy cause she’s a doctor and South East Asian. Also, don’t play Bad Girls twice in the span of two minutes. We get you want it to be the character’s theme but, really?  Even Glee doesn’t do that.  

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