omg sebstan just pulled a girl licking a lollipop into a makeout sandwhich with him and a guy while on e at a campaign party for his mom. 

like tell the truth is this show a sex dream I had or…?

Political Animals: Came for the Seb Stan man lovin’. Stayed for the feminism. 

This is why I never stick to AU president shows because it’s depressing. There are only slight changes to this universe. An openly gay supreme court justice and an openly gay (former) first son creates a realllly different world even if it looks the same and I’m all sad now. 

Ehhh clearly I meant Ellen Burstyn when I said Elaine Strich whoops. But also. Carla Gugino. Feminism. Bulimia. Over the top Clinton paralells.



Why is Political Animals not the official show of tumblr?It has everything. Ellen Burstyn Strich bitching people out. Sebastian Stan crying gay drug addict tears. Sigorney Weaver running for president. Roger Bart. Everything.

Decided now is the time to watch Political Animals on Netflix because gif sets 


marvel meets parks and rec [pt. 1]

this is in no way an original idea. 100% of the credit goes to this amazing post (and various others)

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Liked my outfit today.


*apollo pulls lyre out of nowhere* anyway, here’s wonderwall

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